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Progressive Writers Conference UK


 Progressive Writers Conference

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Progressive Writers Association (PWA)

South Asian Peoples Forum, in collaboration with Progressive Writers Association, Indian Workers Association (GB) and Third World Solidarity cordially invites you to a public meeting to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Progressive Writers Association (PWA).

The PWA, established in 1935 in London, heralded a major literary movement against imperialism, colonial rule and for the democratic rights of South Asian people. The PWA played a critical role in mobilising the masses through literature. Most of the prominent writers in the sub-continent, such as Sajjad Zaheer, Sibte Hassan, Premchand, Minto, Faiz, Bedi, Amrita Preetam, Josh, Jalib, Faraz, to name a few, were in the forefront of our struggle.


The conference is to honour the heroic struggle of our writers, poets and artists who became the conscience of our people for many decades.


The conference is to re-launch the PWA to reaffirm our determination to continue the struggle for justice, equality and human rights.


Invited Speakers:


Tony Benn

Prominent parliamentarian, leading campaigner for peace and justice and a brilliant speaker


4.30-7.00 p.m., Saturday, 31 July 2010

Khidmat Centre, 126 Ryan Street, off Manchester Road

Bradford BD5 7AS


 The delegates to the conference include: Professor Nazir Tabassum, Mushtaq Lasharie, Abbas Malik, Avtar Sadiq, Mohammed Ajeeb, Marsha Singh MP, Cllr Ghazanfer Khaliq, F.D. Farooqi, Abdul Quddus, Zafar Tanveer, Dr Jahangir Akhter, Cllr Mohammad Shafiq, Cllr Ali Daalat, Gurnam Dhillon, Cllr Riaz Ahmed, Sarwan Zafar, Lala Younas, Shams Rehman, A.D. Anjum, Khawaja Waheed, Anis Zaidi, Khalid Saeed Qureshi, Fazal Mahmood, Cllr Nazam Azam, Cllr Abid Hussain, S.M. Khokhar, Mumtaz Awan, Dr Fabeh Hussein, Azhar Mahmood, Gohar Khan, Y.M. Hashmi, Rizwan Kiani, Mukhtar Ahmed, Zafar Malik, Ahmad Nizami, Raza Ali, Munizeh Batool,…….

For further information:

Pervez Fateh:  0795 8541672,

Mohsin Zulfiqar: 0794 0829564,

Sarwan Singh: 0798 9062965,  

Equality, Fraternity, Social Justice

South Asian Peoples Forum UK